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Vibrant cities are one important key to drawing more college graduates to our state. Following months of discussions between the League, legislative, and administration officials on the need for additional tools to better manage retirement health benefit cost drivers, negotiations took a turn within the last few days. More The League has signed on to a letter from the National League of Cities to the House Ways & Means committee expressing support for preserving the tax exempt status of municipal bonds, but relaying concern with some provisions that will negatively impact local governments.

Negotiations have been ongoing between the city and Menards with no real progress. The League and other local government organizations in the state are sorely disappointed in the failure of the Michigan Legislature to help us address looming retirement benefits costs that threaten the ability to provide vital community services. Following the initial action on the stripped down OPEB proposal on Dec. In the meantime, catch up on some of the League's latest news and happenings on our main website as well as these League sites: Inside 208 legislative blog, save MIcity (municipal finance reform), placemaking, crowdfundingmi, and Michigan Municipal League Foundation. Snyder has appointed two League members to the Trial Court Funding Commission. The Local Update of Census Addresses Operation (LUCA) is the only opportunity for local governments to review and update the Census Master Address File for the 2020 Census. "Having reviewed the data, it is difficult not to say the current revenue sharing model in the state of Michigan is broken," stated State Rep. The League supports the bill package in concept and continues to advocate for a plan that restores the revenue sharing cuts of the past decade and distributes dollars appropriately. The League has been told to expect substitute versions for the 16-bill OPEB reform package sometime this morning or later today. 30, was approved without support from Democrats in House and Senate committees Tuesday and has been tentatively scheduled for action on today’s House and Senate agendas.Everything which rancour, prejudice, ignorance or knowledge could suggest, is poured forth in the copious fury of near four hundred pages. Burke was writing, he might have written on to as many thousands.When the tongue or the pen is let loose in a frenzy of passion, it is the man, and not the subject, that becomes exhausted. Burke has been mistaken and disappointed in the opinions he had formed of the affairs of France; but such is the ingenuity of his hope, or the malignancy of his despair, that it furnishes him with new pretences to go on.Price (one of the best-hearted men that lives) and the two societies in England known by the name of the Revolution Society and the Society for Constitutional Information. Price had preached a sermon on the 4th of November, 1789, being the anniversary of what is called in England the Revolution, which took place 1688. Following the year-end passage of pension/OPEB legislation that implements the recommendations of Gov.

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