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He returned to Scottish football in 2014 and currently plays for Newtongrange Star In 1999, Israel got a 5-0 drubbing at home in the first leg of their Euro 2000 playoff against Denmark.

Israel aren’t particularly known for their great performance but with such an embarrassing score, questions were bound to be asked, especially after they also lost the second leg 3-0.

Nicely done Yorke, and do remember to take out the trash.

Back in 2011, Thomson was caught out for indecent behaviour towards two girls aged 12 and 14.

Due to these revelations, he lost his job as commentator in the BBC Radio Five Live.

The inquiry revealed that players invited prostitutes to their rooms on the eve of their first leg defeat thus contributing to their underperformance the next day.

Four players were punished for this incident but lucky for them, their names were not revealed to the public.

The subsequent fallout after the scandals has varied depending on both the player and the crime committed.

Some players usually go back to normal after the buzz dies but some haven’t been able to recover their previous reputation and probably never will.

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