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This blog is a forum for those who claim Warwick, NY as their hometown as well as those who have had experiences there that they wish to share.

Its stories, when possible, are in some way connected with a photograph or artifact originating from Warwick, NY.

The term "fluorescence" originates from a discovery by George Gabriel Stokes in 1852.

He observed that fluorite emitted a blue glow when illuminated with visible light "beyond the violet end of the spectrum." Fluorite can fluoresce if held in sunlight then moved into the shade where noticeable color change can be seen .

Fluorite emits a blue-violet color under short wave and long wave light.

The "Rhein vein" is actually part of a large marble belt that runs from Franklin, New Jersey, home of the famous "Franklinite", which we have a number of samples of on display at our Natural History Building, on to destinations north in Canada.

In fact, if you come on over to Museum Village, there is a rather large display of many of these crystals, albeit more modest specimens, that were collected right in the vicinity of Glenn's recent finds by the late amateur mineralogist and archeologist Jack Webster, who actually spurred many on in the area, including a group of Boy Scouts from Troop 45 back in 1976 that he wowed with some of his collection, including myself, and spurred on to spend a whole lot of time hunched over looking for projectile points after the desirable combination of a spring plowing and a light rain to more easily recognize them. Webster had a comprehensive collection of rocks and minerals from Orange County too, and a sampling of his collection has recently been unwrapped and been put out on display at Museum Village.

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The handful of spinels Glenn fished out of a nearby puddle and dropped into my son's open palms paled to the importance he placed on the amount of mud he could take away from the site---a memorable day for all of us.

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